Hello Friends!

It’s the year of the Dragon! Life is about choices. Let’s be wise! Let’s make good decisions! Let’s flourish and prosper!

We might be swayed by what the media present us as true; too easily might we be controlled by the opinions of people we consider authorities. There is a jungle of information; it is quite a  task to sort out true from false data.

The task is to observe rather than to believe; the task is to cut through the masking veneers and to confront realities. Sometimes this action might appear painful, especially when one has to let go of long held convictions; but it nevertheless is the way out towards greater truth.


11 thoughts on “Hello Friends!

  1. Thank you, Wolfgang! Beautiful sight with great information. Well thought out. Great energy. !! I’m a fan.

  2. Dear Ingrid,

    I am deeply saddened to hear that the Keller family had been split-up by the Church of Scientology. After all the Keller family has done in support of Scientology, could there be any greater evidence that the Church of Scientology is completely corrupt?

    No one has the right to split up anyone’s family. In this country, if you get sent to jail for murder, you still get to communicate with your family. What did Wolfgang do to deserve excommunication?

    I hope a reconciliation is possible for Wolfgang, your children and you, that the damage done to your relationships has not been too severe, that you are big enough people to see the evil intent behind these actions and forgive each other and be a family again, and soon.

    When I talk to Scientology friends of ours about what happened to your family: THEY DON’T CARE. They are so afraid of the church, they don’t want to know what happened. Funny, how many of them then tell me stories of being coerced into doing something unethical by the church with threats of expulsion. This has been going on at the church of years, Ingrid, and we never talked about it with each other. Shame on all of us.

    I will decide who my friends are, based on my experiences with them.

    I wish you and the entire Keller family the very best.


    An old friend.

    • Dear Unknown,

      Whoever you are, thank you very much for your support. Since Ingrid won’t read my blog I’ll copy your comment and send it to her as an email. She might not read that as well.
      Some day I hope to know who you are and even meet you.
      Nevertheless, I am touched by your considerate thoughts.


  3. Hi Wolfgang,

    I noticed you are still all over the official Scientology websites. I take this as a sign that the church really has their hands full, if they couldn’t find the time to take you off – wow. They must be hanging by a thread.

    I tried calling the number listed for you on the internet, but it was not working. What is a good way to contact you? Is your e-mail address secure?

    While I couldn’t personally care less if I got “in trouble” with the Criminal Church of Scientology for associating with you or anyone I consider my friend, a declare on myself would inconvenience family and friends, so trying to keep a low profile.

    I think there is a general feeling of fear among Los Angeles Scientologists. We all are friends with each other, work with each other, are married to each other, parents and children to each other, so no one wants to take a stand and have their lives disrupted. And we are right here for OSA to harass. We’re easy targets for them, being in LA.

    But we tell our friends, as gently as necessary, that we hear strange things are going on, and we are going to decide for ourselves, and that we are here for them in any event. We all need to be doing that – and take away the power the church has to cut us off from each other. The evil at the church would crumble very quickly. Why should there not be room for dissent? Has David Miscavige and Company been anointed by God? We’re supposed to just following anything? Ridiculous. Their track record has been horrible for years.

    We also have been subjected to “Ethics Extortion” in the past for asking for tech correction, and if declared would post all that comm immediately on-line. It shows how – excuse me – fucking nuts the church is. Has Mike Ellis the International Justice Chief had a lobotomy?

    This also brings up another point – their very dramatic titles, fancy letterhead and sheets of yellow paper give them credibility that is not real. I could make a fancy letter head, get a ream of yellow paper and call myself something very fancy and important-sounding, too. Please!! I’d respect them only if they could do something right.

    More people need to do what you did – put their story on the internet WITH SPECIFICS of what happened. I have personally heard a lot and I cannot believe no one is exposing Dave Petit and the human rights abuses at Celebrity Centre. If those things had happened directly to me, I would have posted them already. We all need to take stand, have integrity and not be afraid. The ex-Sea Org Members are so, so afraid.

    We ran across the story of the Israeli Mission disconnecting from Miscavige and continuing with the correct deliver of Scientology. It was truly inspiring. Correct Scientology will rise from the ashes of the Criminal Church of Scientology.

    Best to you, Unknown

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