From 1969 to a new Outlook on the Future

Easter 1969, the hotel Martinique right across Macy’s in midtown New York City quite obviously had seen better days. This is where I met the first Scientology Clear, John McMasters. John not only was the first Clear, he was also one of the top auditors, trained directly by L. Ron Hubbard, who traveled the world introducing people to Scientology. His lectures had great success and my meeting him distinctly contributed to my immediate enthusiasm for Dianetics and Scientolgy.

I did not have the slightest idea that only a few months later McMasters would leave Scientology to endorse a new movement that was founded by the former Scientologist Jack Horner. Hubbard resented this and labeled him a Suppressive Person.

As far as I know McMasters never made any negative statements concerning L. Ron Hubbard; however, he felt that his spiritual search had reached an endpoint within Scientology. Then as today, the rule applied that anybody who didn’t clearly confess to the organization of Scientology had automatically become an enemy of it.

Whatever we may think of Hubbard’s personal life and his shortcomings, he undoubtedly remains one of the greatest teachers our world has seen. His legacy has already helped many people to improve their living conditions, helped them to become more aware of their environments, helped them to perform better as citizens of a global society and make positive contributions to mankind.

For 43 years I have been a Scientologist and for 24 years I have opened the door for others to similarly decisive and spiritually enhancing adventures as I had experienced by the application of Hubbard’s works. I imparted to others what amounted to me as the most exciting and important discoveries I ever encountered. My realizations and achievements were changing my life to the better and I considered it a crime to keep my knowledge to myself. Therefore, I quit my work as an engineer and devoted all of my energies to help others to improve their lives and to broaden their spiritual awareness as well. From 1974 to 1977 I found myself as full-time student at the Advanced Organization St. Hill Europe and studied all the way up to Class VIII, including separate internships as a Class IV, a Class V, on XDN (Expanded Dianetics), a Class VI and a Class VIII auditor. In 1978 I redid my Class VI Internship and an internship on the newly issued NED (New Era Dianetics) at Flag. Later I added internships as a Hubbard Professional Security Checker and False Purpose Rundown auditor. With the advent of the GAT (Golden Age of Technology) training I did a new Pro TRs and Metering Course at Flag, I completed all my other GAT drills culminating in a GAT Class VI Internship at ASHO in 2009.

I did not have the slightest inkling of what had been evolving already during Hubbard’s lifetime and gained considerable momentum after his departure within his own organization that he created to protect his technology. Likewise I did not know of any trends and developments which outside of his organization had began to assume more and more definition.

Today, we witness outside of the Church of Scientology a wide array of new organizations that stretch from groups exactly adhering to LRH’s works, including the practice of techniques withheld from the members of the Church of Scientology, to groups originating their own processes.

With great anxiety, initially alarmed by my own experiences, but then amplified by those of others which in many cases were much more dramatic than my own, I began to follow up on my suspicion that the Church of Scientology might be unable to protect LRH’s legacy and unable to practice the true spirit of Scientology.

For years I felt compelled to accept observed discrepancies between Hubbard’s writings and the RTC controlled practice. I had the attitude that we were blessed by the presence of a competent guardian, the RTC, with the unique mission to assure the preservation of LRH’s legacy in its purest form. I had outlawed any thought of not trusting this organization and its leader, David Miscavige. I obliviously followed the instilled maxim to interpret any such notion as an indication for my own shortcomings. Like many of my fellow Scientologists I developed a special ability to justify the actions of our church leader which simultaneously relieved me of my responsibility for unadulterated technologies. This same ability enabled me to progress on OT VII. For someone like me who practiced Scientology daily as an auditor and who also earned his living with it and who additionally hoped to eventually be able to complete OT VII, this ability to not look and to not want to have specific troubling observations be true or not somehow justified, had become an essential survival strategy.

With begin of this year, however, I had reached the point at which I no longer could avoid looking at the truth. For years I had resisted to confront what had been occurring within the Church of Scientology because I was afraid to loose my family and many of my friends, to loose my license to practice as an auditor and to loose everything I had lived for during the last 43 years. But overcoming this hurdle and finally doing what I owed my preclears, my family, my fellow Scientologists, I experienced a tremendous relief.

I am writing these lines not to accuse, but to alert all of those concerned about the danger of loosing Scientology! Loosing Scientology in the spirit it was conceived with, loosing Scientology as a tool to help man achieve greater freedoms rather than becoming enslaved!

My newly gained freedom, even though I paid dearly for it by being cut off from my family, is no surprise because lies hinder us from fulfillment in life and truth will set us free!

I came to realize to what extent I had suffered from suppression over many years. The last thing I wanted to be true was the fact that I had become a victim of the Church of Scientology, an organization that I had enthusiastically joined on my own volition and that I had violently defended against attacks during my time in Germany. Battling attackers of Scientology seemed an easy game and I became convinced to be immune to any kind of suppression. How little did I know!

This year, I finally came to recognize that I had not only been barred from progressing on OT VII, but that I had let myself be forced into spending about $100,00 for 175 hours of torturous, vicious and out-tech security checks! I topped all that off with amends projects totaling in excess of $50,000 while I was prevented from practicing my profession for close to two years. Alas, I comprehended what PTSness really is!

With great concern I am now observing how my own family members and some of my closest friends and former preclears permit being suppressed in a similar fashion without being aware or not wanting to be aware of it. Because one of my daughters did not report some unfavorable remarks I had made to my family members concerning David Miscavige, she was summoned to pay for and receive two intensives of security checking at AOLA.

Whether I like it or not, it has become my duty to alert everybody who has been trusting me to my shocking discoveries. When I previously feared to bar my PCs from their “only” route to higher case advance, I discovered that the truth is the diametrical opposite to the dogma of the Church of Scientology that forcefully tries to indoctrinate their followers into believing that the Bridge to Freedom is only available within their sphere of control. Quite the contrary is the fact: Probably for quite some time by now, there no longer exists the promised route to freedom within the Church of Scientology!

Today, this bridge is available only outside the Church of Scientology’s parameter! It is only available in the field of the independent and free Scientology community!

The Church of Scientology, following the example of the pre-reformist Christian church, has become a greedy materialistic organization and, while driving many of their members into the hands of bankers and financial despair, is withholding from them the potential gains of Hubbard’s bridge as long as even possible. This is being achieved by perverting and harmfully administering admin, ethics and auditing technologies.

Scientologists who achieve their apparent OT-levels under such duress have to change into a valence that submits to David Miscavige and his cohorts and protects them from punishment. Having thus become slaves in the form of obeying robots, they eventually thank their suppressors with praise and rich donations for any such imagined case progress. Those valences evoke some strange emotions of agreement and veneer-like gleefulness. You can observe them e.g. jumping up, as if propelled by the push of a button, applauding the master of ceremonies who himself is driven by his teleprompters.

If you are curious you may read my questions to the RTC. Are you interested in the consequences? I HELP suspended my field auditor license without talking to me. RTC failed to acknowledge or answer and my friendly Dir I&R Flag OA immediately originated to convene a committee of evidence on me. Why? You may have guessed correctly: My questions were received as critical. They were apparently critical to such an extent that even the OSA representative West US denied seeing me.

Doesn’t LRH state that auditors are the most valuable beings? Should I cease to utilize LRH’s legacy because I, a Class VIII auditor, wanted to take responsibility for keeping Scientology working and lost my license for doing so? Should I, finally having become free of the most vicious suppression imaginable, stop helping to revert the dwindling downward spiral of society?

Let’s be free to access and utilize LRH’s legacy to help build a prosperous future for everyone!


6 thoughts on “From 1969 to a new Outlook on the Future

  1. Wolfgang,
    The work was free, let’s keep it so. LRH’s legacy is for mankind, he said so directly and that is a fact. That’s you and I and others willing to study enough, duplicate and apply these marvelous tools to aid a being to realize themselves and rise to greater heights.

    Good job so far Mr. Keller, and I look forward to the next stages of our wonderful adventures.


    • Thank you Jim, I especially validate your comments coming from one very much involved in preserving/restoring the tech. Your work is of tremendous value to all of us and I appreciate your willingness to share it with us all.

  2. Hi Jim, You are the person I will have to contact for materials. I really appreciate that you are guarding the original LRH documents and their correct application. This in an essential support for our work to help improve conditions on this planet.

  3. Wolfgang, I love your blog. Your vision is correct and you say it with eloquence .
    Where are you auditing?
    Kat Brady
    Independent Scientologist 274

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