Never let communication be outlawed!

Most of you might remember your early days in Scientology with the discovery of the magic ARC triangle and its applications practiced with the so-called TRs, training routines. You experienced how through improved communication the other two components of Affinity and Reality likewise increased.

Our greatest tool to avoid and to heal conflicts is communication. Communication is the universal solvent and that is why LRH placed it on top of the ARC triangle. Communication allows for sharing realities and communication allows for creating affinities. ARC is life and the triangle forms the field of understanding. It is at this remarkable point where the Church of Scientology cuts in with its policy of disconnection, it is at this point where families and friends are being torn apart and where enemies are being created. When Hubbard calls Scientology a game where everybody wins, this becomes a game where people are loosing.

How odd! How can an organization that preaches theta, theta as being composed of ARC, practice the creation of entheta by eliminating C and thus reducing A and R?
This is a simple demonstration of how the application of basic knowledge can be inverted to cause negativity when its correct use allows for positive effects.

We have learnt that anything in life can be considered as ranking on scales and one of the most remarkable scale is the tone scale. The lowest point communication could reach would be zero with no communication at all flowing. This would be the state of deadness, a state almost unimaginable and beyond the state of the physical universe. It is a point where we easily recognize that absolutes are unobtainable. Above zero we will find a band of solid communications that reach from an absolute randomness to more and more targeted hostile and antagonistic levels. This is where conflicts and war harbor. Further up, communication becomes fuller of life and more and more survival. At its highest levels it reaches into spirituality and esthetics. Here we find the arts, peace, freedom and pleasure. While we detect lies and false data at the lower areas, the higher ones reflect benevolence and truths. Aren’t these the plateaus that we have been searching to achieve by becoming Scientologists?

It is one thing that an organization demands any misuse of its own tenets, it is another that a great majority of members follows such decree. It makes me wonder how much a Scientologist has actually learnt if they agree to applying basic Scientology tools incorrectly, if they cut communication to their loved ones and best friends. Do they really believe that such misuse of basic knowledge supports better survival? I wonder how it actually can.

Imagine what would happen if every Scientologist would simply apply what they learnt in one of their very first encounters with Scientology! Imagine what would happen if the doctrine of the ARC triangle would be applied! Imagine what would happen if we experienced how this triangle represents life, how its three corners expand when one of them is being improved and how communication can be used to handle any and every conflict!

The present leader of the church of Scientology would be ousted and Scientology as a religion would experience the long hoped for renaissance! Imagine how much hostility will be buried and how much energy would be funneled towards our common goal of improving conditions on our planet!

Declared or not declared – let’s communicate!


14 thoughts on “Never let communication be outlawed!

  1. Decclared or not declared – let’s communicate!! Exactly – disagree with this awful, stupid orders!! 🙂

  2. Wolfgang, those who insist on cutting theta lines will reap their reward when the explosion occurs as it always will. People want to communicate with their loved ones. When someone tricks them into seeing a loved one as something loathsome and urges them to sever communication with that loved one, they will degrade themselves with that action and may not recover unless someone is there to help them recover when the suppressive influence is gone.

    Do not regret anything. Live your life and prosper so that when the nightmare is over, you will be in a position to reach out and lend them a hand.

    • Hi David, You are right. It’s impossible to stop flows when they are high in ARC. Eventually, the dam of suppression will break and communication will again flow in both directions.

  3. My purpose is to bring a barbarism out of the mud it thinks conceived it and to form here on Earth a civilization based on human understanding, not violence.

    –LRH, from How We Work on the Third Dynamic

    As far as I can see, civilization is still resting firmly on violence, not ARC. The only large shift not based on violence in the 20th century was Gandhi’s liberation of India. We should take this as a point of 3rd dynamic affluence and apply the condition, finding out what caused it and strengthen it. This would forward LRH’s purpose.

  4. I personally hope that you Independent Scientologists joint the rest of us in this big world – as real friends and not solely as targets for Scientology training. This WILL up your acceptability and reputation out here hugely! I introduced Wolfgang to Scientology in NYC those 40 some years ago. I was, in the end, repelled by it, although Wolfgang enthusiastically signed up. Please end the days as a private club, as the CoS has been a very private little cult for all these years! Just saying…

  5. There are so many of us here in the big world who are aware, compassionate, prosperous, and free. I KNOW THAT I AM!

    • Gandhi started his satyagraha in South Africa in 1906. Mandela followed in his footsteps for a ways, but after awhile, used violence before going to prison. Anwar Sadat was not about non-violence. He was a warrior. He was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize, it’s true. But he was nothing like Gandhi, King, or Mandela. Egypt has been run by their military for a long time. When looking for signs of a new civilization based on human understanding, not violence, I don’t see any signs of it in the Middle East. Do you?

  6. So they weren’t purists. Who is?? Still they both did A LOT of good. And Sadat is beloved by my own loving friends in Egypt. I lived/taught there a while. Making a peace treaty with Israel is no easy thing…

    Nuf said. I don’t want to kidnap Wolfgang’s site anymore.

    • Thanks for the comm. Nice chatting with you. I would like to learn more of your adventures in Egypt.

  7. Wolfgang, I asked a mutual old friend of ours if he knew you had been excommunicated, that I was heartbroken to hear the Keller family had been broken up. His response: “Yeah, I heard that a few months ago about Wolfgang, I don’t know, I guess he did something. I mean I haven’t read the order, but I heard he was critical of church management. I guess he didn’t want to handle it.” WTF????? Scientologists are so intimidated by the Criminal Church of Scientology that all they won’t look at anything or take any action, and what power does the church have? Writing your name on a piece of paper, promising they won’t extort you anymore? Humiliating you in a group of people that is very,very small? Who cares??????????????????????

    But their power is real because they broke up your family, because you suggested, like Debbie Cook, they follow the rules LRH laid out. DECLARE ORDER = FREEDOM MEDAL I pray for a reconciliation for you and your family and criminal sentences for the leadership of Scientology. I pray that all Scientologists demand the correct practice of Scientology.

    This is a black mark in American history, that in a country founded on inalienable natural rights of every individual and religious freedom, a criminal operation of extortion, torture and slave labor called the Church of Scientology continues to operate.

    • So true. The “church’s” last and only weapon to quench unrest is the expulsion and disconnect policy. How long will it take for more people to wake up and take the necessary action?

      I can only say poor souls who are too PTS to recognize the source of suppression. On the other hand, I understand and have compassion with them since I have been heavily PTS myself for years.

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